Margarida Azevedo

de 故やす子 feat. 仮名

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Yasuko Ko (故やす子) manages in this “Panda Breeding Diary” (パンダの飼育日誌) to pull us back and forth in an act of creation that transcends us.

From Japan only good winds and excellent creators. The tracks — in which the titles are dates (March 25, July 16, October 22 and March 20) — tell us about a small odyssey between the time that insists on being late and the rush to get to the right place.

Electronics, samplers, and vocals combined over 4 tracks that will make your body move.

It’s on this trip that we meet Yasuko Ko, who calls himself Mathcore Vocaloid Producer and who presents succinctly and intensely on this MiMi record.

(Liner Notes published with the record on August 8, 2023)