Margarida Azevedo

Margarida Azevedo

O que extravaza da caneta | What comes out of the pen

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I dedicate my life to language, writing and communication. I try to link the words with music and image. I have a Master’s Degree in Text Editing, a degree in Communication Sciences and I attended the Post-Graduation in Writing Arts at NOVA FCSH.

In 2016, I created the blog Devaneios Menstruados, with personal texts linked to humor, but it is with (Diz)Sonâncias (2018), that I explore the links between writing, music and the performing arts. I write about records, concerts and other musical projects, I work with guest musicians, and I present other plans related to writing. I created the performative project TextuAlive, with the musician Hernâni Faustino, where we combine musical improvisation and writing in real time.

I was a guest speaker at several events in the area of ​​writing, editing and music, with emphasis on the conversation — Partituras De Palavras: O Género Musical Spoken Word, curated by Rodrigo Brandão, at MAP (Mostra de Artes da Palavra).

I am a co-founder of the Covidarte platform, which was born in times of a pandemic to promote, present and advance new initiatives in the field of arts and culture. I participated in the album Árvore (poem and reading). Record resulting from João Sousa’s live solo on the Covidarte page.

I launched my first book in 2019, Orfeu e os seus avôs em busca do Tosão, and published the short story, Uma vulva com depressão, in the magazine Crocodarium. In times of a pandemic, I participated with the short story, A Caixa da Pandora, in the anthology, Conto em Casa, by Editora Raíz (currently Editora Cambucá).

I created, with Ricardo Leiria, the label Dark Owl and we edited the Mecónio zine where we publicize the work of artists whose journey we follow and admire.

I collaborate with the writer Rui Baião (reading his texts in various contexts).

In 2020 (Diz)Sonâncias expanded and became the platform for the dissemination of other of my projects related to writing.

I currently work as a Copywriter and UX Writer.