Margarida Azevedo

Margarida Azevedo

O que extravaza da caneta | What comes out of the pen

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Poetics Sensitive to Light

(October 27 to 30, 2022)

The synergy between Ricardo and Margarida emerged almost a decade ago. They met through music and got to know each other more intimately through art. Their path crosses in the way Ricardo sees the world and Margarida transcribes it.

Poetics Sensitive to Light is a joint work with photographs by Ricardo Leiria and texts by Margarida Azevedo and Pandora Leiria. Pandora plays a decisive role in the evolution of projects. It constantly influences the way Ricardo perceives the world and Margarida’s texts gain other layers of interpretation.

An exhibition that combines time, space and light with narrative and poetry. Two visions that converge in a single language. An exhibition that results from words that fall in black and white. A project in constant update.

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