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Margarida Azevedo

O que extravaza da caneta | What comes out of the pen

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Suicide Underground Orchid by Ikizukuri + Susana Santos Silva


“Born and grown in the underground ─ these are the main characteristics of the rare Suicide Underground Orchid, just like this recording. Ikizukuri brings, in this new record, multi ambiences: improvisation, free jazz, rock and metal. Susana Santos Silva is a new nutrient that feeds and develops the potential of this Suicide Underground Orchid.

It was the summer of 2020 when, at Sonoscopia, Porto, Ikizukuri and Susana Santos Silva happened to cross paths. Yes, that’s right. We wrote the forbidden number ─ 2020.

It is wrong to think that in 2020 we only witnessed global chaos. From a fortuitous encounter a record was born. They have a fluid dialogue, their own language, a sound that will wake up our senses in 2021.

Sit down and let yourself be destabilized. Disconnected from everything and reconnected to the roots. So, this story begins. It is full of sounds and places.

From Kindhearted Part Wrestle to The and Flesh His Resources you are in airplane mode. Disconnected from the here and now. Reconnected to the essential – the root. It is at the root that you feel the guttural seething, the story unfolding. In Wealth, to the Poison in the Wash you know that you will have no escape. Decadent and bohemian, angelic and pure this orchid is as rare as the story that is told here.

Scenes of chaos and harmony are draw, where small beings cohabit and enter through our ears and hold us hostage to the sound. We do not turn it off, do not press the forward button, do not expect that the journey will end quickly. We just sit and listen Gabriel’s saxophone, Almeida’s bass, and Costa’s drums. Susana’s trumpet is immersed in what we know from Ikizukuri ─ powerful and flawless music.

Susana Santos Silva has a remarkable career as an improvisation musician and her trumpet fits and flows with the trio along the six tracks. Susana brings her own touch, her own sensibility to this Suicidal Underground Orchid.

Six tracks, four musicians, one session. It didn’t take anything else to make it work. This record is as rare as like a Suicide Underground Orchid”.

(Liner Notes publicadas com o disco a 02 de abril de 2021)